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Igz – Dear Anne (REMIX) lyrics

Dear anne, my number one fan,
I write so you can understand what you can with this life plan.
With this mindset, this world of no money down and blind bets,
Out on these streets aint even looking but find sex. yup
Gotta get in the music, I gotta face the fans,
They just standing, applauding, waiting they just like you anne.
You try and best em all tho, trying to just hold em back,
Just my music alone isn't something that u wanna have.
You want it all, keep on focusing yourself,
In your mind you think you're perfect but you really need the help.
I'm trying to find a label, they just trying to find a groove,
Guess it's hard for you too anne I'm always on the move.
Can't ever write me, can't ever call me,
You play my jams at ur party dream of seeing me in the morning.
But imagination is boring... u try to get to the real deal,
Let me know what you thinking... show me just how you feel.


Out of sight, out of mind,
Out of time, to decide.
Do we run, should I hide,
For the rest of my life.

Dear anne, you do what you can in fact,
You write up on my twitter, just to see if you get hit up.
And you hoping I reply, even just a hi,
You just staring at your screen watch these hours fly by.
But... anne... this ain't good for your health,
You're falling apart... you need to take a look at your self.
Obsessing over somebody you never met in your life,
You got the hearts in your notebook dreams of husband and wife.
But anne... is this the life that you wanna lead, just living this fantasy,
Where all you see is visions of just you and me.
Yeah... this life's a bitch but don't you give it up,
And if you're always down anne how you gunna live it up.
Lift your chin go ahead and put it up,
And anne I promise you that you will find someone else you will love.
Take away the pain, take away the feelings and the fuss,
Take it all back anne there was never "us".


Out of sight, out of mind,
Out of time, to decide.
Do we run, should I hide,
For the rest of my life.

Dear anne, my fan from the start,
Love my rap like an art, know every single lyric by heart.
So u can recite em to yourself when your lonely or scared,
You play the songs back in your head and it's just like I'm there.
You clench my CD and it's like your clenching me,
And you can't ever be lonely cause misery needs company.
Umm... so anne what we gonna do,
You don't even know me yet u don't want me saying we're through.
Nah... u can't live on like this anne, the girl stan,
Everybody talking, all know that you're stalking.
You just gotta stop it, take my picture out the locket.
Unhook it off your neck and drop it, trash it up or even stomp it.
Stop it, everybody saying, in your head,
It's me and you forever so it's fuck what they said.
They saying slow down anne, you don't know that man,
Create a fallback plan, but anne just can't.

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