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Iconz – Home-Vade lyrics

[Chorus:] {: 13

Run up in your crib, where you live, let you die

Put you one in the bed home-vade

Duct tape your whole body to you ankles to your wrists

To your mouth so you can't say shit


Then they wanna get cut with the glass

Fuck around a nigga have to hide they ass

Never wanna mess around like that

Fuck around a nigga have to hide they ass

Then they wanna get cut with the glass

Fuck around a nigga have to hide they ass

Shit themselves get pimped with the glass

Fuck around a nigga have to hide they ass

[verse one] {: 40

Well mack you know when the jack

The jack be rippin the scraps

Step aside while I spit at these cats

The rippity raps, never been a thing to me

See the fame that it bring to me

Be the nigga with the grains on the napkin

Limpin in the land with the hand on the tech

Chillin with my niggas with the hand on mowett

Raw dawg, up in the spot

With two fings and we fill 'em with rocks

Still in the spot, a hatter wanna test

Introducing the glocks

Gettin close to the two when we pop

The moodier drops

Screamin with shots, blood oozie and drops

Got in the fuckin lou of the spot

You know how we play

Gettin head on the freeway

Closin deals on the three-way

How many niggas you know, could get dough and pimp a hoe

But never give a fuck what a freak say

Bitch come on!

[Chorus:] (repeat) {1: 08

[verse two] {1: 35

I'm the same motherfucker that played with it

Yeah I admit it, I did it, I split 'em

If I gotta do it again then I kill 'em

Same dealin straight killin cap pealin

For those illin I'd amaze ya and do dealin

Now who realin suicide for the true-izm

I got two thug niggas with two dealins

And two more choppers in the house chillin

And if you feelin that you really can fade this

I got a room of guns, bigger like the matrix

It aint no fake shit nigga in the basement

Straight formulatin, all the world's hatin

Nobody go thru to do what ya nigga do

Now ya gotta pay ya due, listen to another fool

I run with all ya crew baby gotta kill 'em too

It ain't no mercy when ya fuckin with a nigga juice

That go for you and you and niggas that don't know too

Come bigger things, if I need to rip you

Ya betta hope that day don't hit you

Cuz ya wife goan be bit fuckin wit a nigga shit

Tryin ta hide all day when I catch you that's it

And it wont be long till I get to ya bitch

Now ya think I'm wrong, cuz I kick now da bitch

Man you knew you was wrong, when ya take a nigga shit

[Chorus:] (repeat) {2: 16

[verse three] {2: 43

What it is another full sized identity?

You mean to tell me the end a be killin' me?

You mean to tell me somebody wanna finish me?

You got the tendancy missin and want to envy me

Me 'na been coughin' shit get foul

Fucked around the k's got me shot in a while

Niggas don't want they bodies chopped like steak

Cut with the k ya betta move out the way

And when the k's get to cut cut cuttin all of a sudden

It feel like the president done pushed the button

Niggas wanna got to war?

Where ya gats at?

Nigga where ya sacks at?

Niggas back back, raise a nigga up that

Clack clack, and I wanna finish some set, skat skat

And y'all don't want none of that, at at

No y'all don't want none of that, at at

Ima as much done safe this year

One more time, 99 ain't here

What the kid really come wit?

Comin with the dumb shit ima bring out over here

I got one to drop them big guns

And 'a duct tape for your mouth and waist

Wrap ya whole body ain't nothin you can say

Put you in a glad bag, throw your ass away

Niggas got nuts they be keep 'em in line

Smile in my face, steady backin' my rhyme

I tear your head up, on ser'ous but mine

How you fittin' cryin you remind the time

It look like a nigga got cut with glass

Fuck around a nigga have to hide your ass

Run up in your crib bare face no mask

Fuck around a nigga have to hide that ass!

[Chorus:] (repeat) {3: 37

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