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Iced Earth – Brainwashed lyrics

(Music : Schaffer, Shawver / Lyrics : Schaffer)
And so we begin with another sun
The earth№s enslaved with hypocrites
They lay their heads to rest at night
Say a little prayer and all is right
Christ it№s nothing personal
You№ve got to see
They twist and turn your words
For their own needs
They№re brainwashed puppets
The almighty crutch
Cowards of reality
And their dying love
Living life in total lies
Judging others
Believe that I say or burn in hell
Bow down your head
You won№t feel so bad
Do as I say or burn in hell
Close your eyes, look deep inside
Master of the ignorant
Master of the lies
Judgement day is close at hand
Generate that blasphemy
Master of the damned
Now behind your reflection
Lies the one who knows the truth
Your conscience will condemn you
On judgement day you№ll lose
It seems very odd to me
How you sin and feel so free
And all you have to do is say
Forgive me ... I believe
Lies, foolish lies
Behind your brainwashed eyes
Lies, foolish lies
Behind your brainwashed eyes
Judge me not my shallow friend
Lest ye be judged yourself
You abuse the words you preach
You mold them for yourself
Brainwashed hypocrisy
Justifies the life you lead
Forgive me father I have sinned
Lay my head to rest again
Living life in total lies
Judging others
Believe what I say or burn in hell
Trust in me, say yes I believe
Do it now or burn in hell

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  • ChrisFishA-CrossRiff
    He's speaking to the Christians that abuse their salvation. There are so many that will pray on Sunday but every other day will adulterate, drink, murder, etc. And he's sick of the hypocrites. As he should be. If you do all this, you shouldn't judge anyone else. Matt 7: 1 says don't judge lest you are ready to be judged. Also, Matt 7: 5 says "you hypocrite! Remove the plank from your eye before trying to remove the splinter from someone else's". Is Christianity a lie? No way! Are there false Christians? Definitely. Everyone sins (Romans 3: 23), but the difference is whether they repent or continue to sin.
    Gosh how I'd love to sit with the guys of Iced Earth. I'm no saint. But I'd love to straighten some things out with Barlow and Schaffer. And I know they're very educated in Christianity and just about every other belief known to man. It'd be a challenge. A very good debate.
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