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Ian Whitcomb – N-E-R-V-O-U-S! lyrics

When my baby called me
She called me
She said come and give me some lovin'
Please now
I get so terribly ne-ne-nervous
Oh, I get so ne-ne-ne-ne-nervous
You see I'm nervous, boy
And I tremble all in my bones-bones

Then my baby called me again
And she said, Come a little bit c-closer now
Closer to me, please honey baby, hone-pie, honeydove
Oh I began sh-sh-shaking like a leaf on a tree
And my whole heart that got a-qu-quakin'
I said, Baby, I'm a bit ne-nervous boy
I, I ju-just tremble all in my bones
Awww, come on now


What are you doing, baby
You turned the lights low
And you've turned the? Terribly low
And yes, you're trying to kiss-kiss me
I, yes, I think I, I like it
I really do like it, do it again
Hmmm, yes I, yes I like it, I
Yeah, ahh oh yeah
It's been so long
Since my baby, she taught me how to kiss
Aww, it's been so long
Since my baby, she taught me how to kiss, oh!
I used to be a little shy
I used to tremble on my bo-bo-bones
Ahh, there it goes I'm nervous again baby
Ahh it's no use baby!

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