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I Killed The Prom Queen – Sharks In Your Mouth lyrics

If I ruled the earth
I'd sail ships over seas til sundown
Then I'd return
In dark to walk these streets alone

By day I hear the serpents calling me
This leads me from the shore in search of the deepest abyss
I am forever covering my tracks, and standing here with less than an existance
Though I hold the key to everthing

This sinking feeling never dies
I'll chase my sunset laced with pride in this heartless gallion (x2)

Although I'd rather fill my lungs and rapidly decend
And lay with my thoughts under bleak starlight
I'll keep pushing on through perpetual darkness
Then in hell I'll seek my confidence...

Then I'd return, in the dark to walk these streets alone,
The twilight here wont embrace my words like waves do
The feel of dry land is making me sick
So I stand here coughing up sharks till
My neon glowing neck breaks

This sinking feeling never dies
I'll chase my sunset laced with pride in this heartless gallion (x2)

Walking through the dark here's to a new beginning
It's time to bow your heads to
A nations swinging axe
While you search for answers planted in the ground

I'm happy watching you, dance your legs down to your knees
I'm happy watching you, be infatuated with love
I'm happy watching you... watching you Die

This war with myself never ends
This war with myself never...

The only way I'd return is to an orchestra of wolves
The only way I'd return... if I ruled the earth

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