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Hurt – The Old Mission lyrics

She visits the place that the tour groups must have
She's shocked to find somebody there
With a sun-beaten face and a silver-gray head
He knelt on the floor unaware

He said 'I'm sorry madam' as he lend her his hand
'i know I must be a strange sight
But I've been coming here, for some thirty odd years
Ever since me sweet lady died

But I sure am glad you listen
Oh I sure am glad you came
I've been waiting here in this mission
Ever since that day.

Oh that summer we met, only fools could forget
Just how perfect a woman could be
By the time she was late we had both set a date
In a place where she would marry me

But a gringo brought shame to her proud family name
And her father forbade it to be
So in less than a week we found her be the creek
And the parents blamed it all on me

But I sure am glad you listened
And I sure am glad you came
I've been waiting here in this mission
Ever since that day

Well her name was Marie
And the day she meet me
Was the worst day of both our lives
If it wasn't for me, I would truly believe
My sweetheart could still be alive

She said 'Darling, believe. Don't you recognize me?
Though you waited here all of this time
They had slipped my away to my family in Spain
We can get on with our lives
We still have plenty of time

Cause I sure am glad I listened
Oh, I sure am glad I came
I made looking for you my mission
Ever since that day'

Oh sure am glad you listened
Oh I sure am glad you came
I've been waiting here in this mission
Ever since that day
May God bless you, have a good day. '

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    The story goes:.
    Begins with a woman coming into an old 'mission' (abandoned military base) to find a man in there who tells her he's been coming back to this place for thirty years, ever since he lost his love. They were to be married but since her father didn't approve, her parents faked her death and sent her away. However in the last verse she tells the man in the mission that she is the very same woman from thirty years ago, and she 'sure is glad he waited'.
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