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Hot – Pray For You lyrics

Kt: nah~ seh sang goo teh hol loh
weh loh ee seu loh joh kal deh
nah eh soh neul chah bah jeun
Dah seh han keu deh seun gyuh
gyuhl koh sheep jee ah nah duhn
ho nah doh nah seh sang eul
ee gyul soo ee duhn guhn
nal jee kyuh joon keu deh

Hj: cham shee doh
nal doh nah jeen ahn keh dah goh
Chah gahb duhn
Neh too soh neul noh gyuh joo duhn nuhl wee hae

Kt: kee doh hae
nah tah shee teh oh nan deh doh
Keu deh wah
ham geh hal soo ee doh ruh

han sang kam sah hal geh
nuhl man nan ee seh sang eh
ah poo ruh pyuhl chuhl jeel soo mah neun
nahl doo reul wee hae
nul reul hyung hae
so eun mwah men seh hal geh
sarang eh~ ee jen nuh eh kyuh teh uhn jeh nah young won hee

Never gonna say good-bye
Never gonna say good-bye~ yeah

Kt: hang sang huhn jal soh ool duh nal wee heh
Wee ruh han myuhn eh soh duhn~ noh eh koo noon moo lee
Nal chee kyuh joo goh yah

Ty: kah goon meul
Noh yeh geh ah meu ruhn goh doh~
heh joo soo
Uhm neun neh gah mah nee mee woh soh jee man

Kt: kee doh heh
Nuh uhn neun goh seh ee soh doh
young won hee
hengbok kal soo ee doh roh


Kt: ee jehn~ seh sang goo teh soh
Huhn jah weh loh woh wool jee neun ah neul geh
ah reum dah eum noh eh neun beet seul
Uhn jeh kah jee pah rah boh myung
ee jehn neh gah~
Nuhl chee kyuh joo geh soh


Ee jehn noh yeh gyuh teh uhn jeh nah young won hee

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