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HoodWinked – Be Prepared lyrics

37 years ago a witch done put a spell on me
The spell where when I'm talkin' I'm singin' it with
When you're always singin' you've got to live alone
That's why I made this mountain shack my home.

And when you're on the mountain, you got no
That life will turn up roses or turn out as you
When you're on the mountains, there's lots to be
That's why this here old mountain goat's prepared

Be prepared, be prepared,
This lesson must be shared,
This lesson must be shared,
Be prepared!

Be prepared, be prepared
And unless you got a spare,
You got one life, so handle it with care

(Goat yodeling)

I got horns that open bottles,
And I got horns that holds my keys,
I got horns that when you turn'em right, they help me
Watch t.v

I got horns that open pickle jars,
And horns that come with hair,
I got horns that hang my other horns-
I alway come prepared.

Be prepared, be prepared,
And unless you got a spare,
You got one life, so handle it with care

Yeeeheee! Keep you hands and feet inside of the
Vehicle at all times!

(Goat yodeling and more)

Ooooh, an avalanche is comin' and I do not fell
It's rumblin' like a mountain lion, I must say
I'm scared,
And if not for the witch's spell you'd hear how
I scream,
But since I'm only singin', I'll just Yodel till were

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