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Hillsong United – Power Of Your Love lyrics

Lord I come to You
Let my heart be changed, renewed
Flowing from the grace
That I found in You.
And Lord I've come to know
The weaknesses I see in me
Will be stripped away
By the power of Your love

Hold me close
Let Your love surround me
Bring me near
Draw me to Your side.
And as I wait
I'll rise up like the eagle
And I will soar with You

Your Spirit leads me on
In the power of Your love.

Lord unveil my eyes
Let me see You face to face
The knowledge of Your love
As You live in me.
Lord renew my mind
As Your will unfolds in my life
In living every day
by the power of Your love.

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    The meaning of this song for me is I must surrender my life to lord Jesus Christ and trust to His plan for my life because His plan is great of great of all. God is true His word and His word will never be fade even though heaven and earth will fade. In order to fully appreciate and see His majestic powerful power we must be loyal to him.
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    Jesus is love, his precious blood cures us from trauma, pain, rejection, lonliness, froom drug abuse, self hate, anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, from physical, mental emotional and sexual abuse, from all evil. In jesus name.
    The word of god declares: the teaching of the cross is foolishness to those whom are perishing; but for those of us whom are saved, it is the power of god. 1 corinthians 1: 18.
    Have a blessed day, jesus loves you and cares about you/us all. 1 peter 5: 7
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    This song is meaningful to me, this song wanted you to be positive and most of all to put your whole trust and faith to God with all your heart and never failed his name, even though you a have a problem to face you don't have to worry about because God is on your side to help and protect from your needs.

    God Bless You All.
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    This song is so awesome and I like about what the song is talking about. The song touched my heart when I sang it in church and I felt the Holy Spirit touch me. The song reminds about that day I had. And God always makes miracles and blessings. And I hope that God blesses me in getting a new house. But I know that god has the control in everything. In the song it says by the power of your love and that says to me that God has control. So I'm not worrying much. I go to church in carteret I am a pentecostal I go to iglesia de dios Pentecostal M.I en cárteret new jersey if you guys don't have.
    A place where to go to church make my church the one may god bless you all and many more.
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    After a very long time trying, being scammed and cheated. Getting frustrated and losing faith. I woke up today with a very nice message reply from a guy that I sent my application to. It's not confirmed but I have a very good feeling about this one. Never give up hope, as god has everything planned for us. If you keep asking in a prayer, and you don't get it, don't give up, god is listening. He's just holding it from you, making you go through a lot, and waiting till the time is right, to be sure that one day when you get what you ask for, you will appreciate it. Don't lose faith. Don't lose hope. God hears us. If it doesn't happen, what you ask for. Be patient. God sure has a better plan waiting for us. And may this song keep your spirits alive. As it just touched mine. I couldn't stop crying. But this song sure has something to it.
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