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He The Deceiver – Recreant Filth lyrics

I am an executed blade of precision
I'll slice and dice my way into your mind
Your thoughts are scattered
Like the organs on my floor in which you lie
As I stab your lifeless body to no end
The darkness is slowly shrouding you where you lie
For no mistakes have been made
You were fucked and left to die inside of this hell
A sacrificial beneficial coward;
You have not an ounce of respect.
Watching this stainless steel
As I approach your sub-mandibular gland
A wretched smile bleeds across the bottom of my face
The white of your eyes are dangling
Around the edges of my thumbs
Oh the misery, oh the fucking pain.
Stop this madness please
Bring forth an end to this insanity
Feed me your lungs, for you are my property
No god will save your fucking life
This is your eternal sleep
Of evenings spent dancing with the dead
Tied down to this stake and cross
Bathing in the scent of your own decay
You were chosen, you have no fucking say
I hope you rot in all your prayers and misguidance
It shall burn you all

Showered in doubt your whole life is a lie
How can you live being someone's unborn envision?
Hiding in a shadow of an abhorrent disgrace

Punished; the dead will feast
Amongst all of the lives they are given
Now everyone will know the truth
We'll all shine in the red; desirably dead
Covered in lies, blind to the eye
We all die alone

We're all buried to be
Part of this compulsory prayer to hell
Undeniable fate;
I am dead doomed into my atrophy

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