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He Is Legend – The Fool lyrics

Cold and lonely as I sit across from reigning kings
Theses days are empty and it feels like this one was written about me
Because as she wandered I felt like I was wandering too
Never knew the grass was growing
Didn't know where I was going
I felt alive
It felt vivid
I fell asleep under the table
I don't know why my lip is bleeding
I underestimate the need in silent love

Should I have lost the love tonight?
Are we running out of time?

It's dark and cool there tonight and I feel fine
And if kissing the fool makes it right
I feel fine sweetheart

There's my story though sad and tragic it is true
I've watched the sun set on the hills and lost the one I knew
But that's just it, this is me
I'm lonely and aging
Now I know where I am going
But never knew the grass was growing
I'm still alive, it's still vivid
I'm waking up under the table
I don't mind that my lip is bleeding
It's ok, I just need silent love

Should have lost the love tonight,
Are we running out of time?

Well, it's dark and cool there tonight and I'll be fine
And I'm kissing the fool there tonight and I'll be fine sweetheart

Four years ago I had never loved a thing
Now four years later have a reason to sing?
My life has become the portrait of the thing I never wanted them to be
This is the call to all my frozen friends

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