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Hawkwind – Some People Never Die lyrics

"Now; the prisoner wearing a black sweater' he has changed from his t-shirt; is being moved out toward an armoured car. Being led out by, er, Captain Fritz. There is the prisoner.

"Do you have anything to say in your defence?"

"There's a shot. Oswald has been shot. Oswald has been shot. A shot rang out. Mass confusion here. All the doors have been locked. A shot rang out as he was led into his car. A shot... There's a mass confusion here. Rolling and fighting. As he was being led out, now he's being led back. He was thrown to the ground. The police have the entire area blocked off. Everybody stay back. There's a yell.

"Did you see it?"

"Senator, how are you going to counter Mr Humphries and his backgrounding you as far as the delegate goes for...?"

"I think he's ... Cover for him"

"Senator Kennedy has been sh..., Senator Kennedy has been shot. Is that possible? Is that possible? Ladies and gentlemen, it is possible, he has. Not only Senator Kennedy, oh my God. Senator Kennedy has been shot and another man, the Kennedy campaign manager has also been shot in the head.

"I am right here and Raefer Johnson has a hold of the man who, apparently, has fired the shot. He has fired the shot. He still has the gun, the gun is pointed at me, right at this moment. I hope they can get the gun out of his hand. Be very careful. Get that gun. Get the gun. Get the gun. Stay away from the gun. Stay away from the gun. His hand is frozen. Get his thumb, get his thumb. Take a hold of his thumb and break it if you have to."

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