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Gwyllion – Lost In A Dream lyrics

I saw a thing I could never believe
A distant sight I would like to retrieve
It is a vision my mind will set free
If I could remember how it came to be

The image is fading, it withers away
I can't be sure that I'll take grasp some day
Deep in my heart I know that's what I seek
But somehow I wonder, to whom does it speak

Memories lost in a nightmare of pain
Images screaming you're going insane
Never believed in it till it was gone
It is as a dreamworld, the magic undone

It never strayed my thoughts my soul's so weak
What I despised most is now what I seek
My heart still craving for that I once held
Hopelessly longing for all this to end

Hear you call my name
Am I dreaming?
It's always the same
Though I know
That I lost myself

Maybe the truth shall reveal
When I sleep
Visions attack in my head
And so I weep

Calling the light from within
It might be cruel
Lately no vision's the same
Whom do I fool

All the lights might seem the same
Though it's as they call my name
Feel like something's watching me go down fall in a trap

Seek the world out for a chance
But it seems to miss the glance
This is harder than I thought

Can't you see what's on my mind
All the visions fall behind
Try to catch them but it's like I'm trying to escape

All the anger that I gain
Makes me yearn to be insane
This is not my state of mind

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