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Gwyllion – Curse Of The Wise lyrics

Ever had
A memory
You wished
It could come true?

The memory
So close to me
Will never fade
It's how I paid
The gift of sight
Vision of light
My Master's will
The dream fulfilled

In this tragedy
My only friend is a lie

The thoughts
Are all surrounded
By darkest clouds
I sing to

My soul reveals
It's a battle
I could never win
I should lose

Never believed
For none they grieved
Do they not know
We do not bow
The nightmares last (but)
Stay in the past
Why do they taunt
These thoughts I haunt

Our only dream
As we have seen
Will be revealed
Our fate be healed
No-one to say
The only way
The one of tears
Our greatest fears

Some day they will see
The curse that lies on me is real
For this day I yearn
Their innocence will burn with me

It's as we have foreseen
Our hands will be washed clean of guilt
In time we will be freed
For no-one else we'll bleed this lie

When silent screams resound
Our fear will be unbound at last
For this day we yearn
Their innocence will burn with me

For this day we yearn
Their innocence will burn with me

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