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Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown lyrics

Born into Nixon, I was raised in hell.
A welfare child where the teamsters dwelled.
The last one born, the first one to run.
My town was blind from refinery sun.

My generation is zero.
I never made it as a working class hero.
21st century breakdown.
I once was lost but never was found.
I think I'm losing what's left of my mind
To the 20th century deadline.

I was made of poison and blood.
Condemnation is what I understood.
Videogames of the tower's fall.
Homeland security could kill us all.

My generation is zero.
I never made it as a working class hero.
21st century breakdown.
I once was lost but never was found.
I think I'm losing what's left of my mind
To the 20th century deadline.

We are the class of the class of 13'.
Born in the era of humility.
We are the desperate and in the decline.
Raised by the bastards of 1969.

My name is 'no one' the long lost son.
Born on the 4th of July.
Raised in a era of heroes and cons.
That lept me for dead or alife.

I am a nation, a worker, a pawn.
My debt to the status quo.
The scars on my hands are the means to an end.
It's all that I have to show.

I swallowed my pride
And I choked on my faith
I've given my heart and my soul
I've broken my fingers
And lied throught my teeth
The pillar of damage control

I've been to the edge
And I've thrown the bouquet
Of flowers lept over the grave
I sat in the waiting room
Waisting my time
And waiting for judgement day

Praise, Liberty
The freedom to obey
It's a song that strangles me
Well, don't cross the line

Oh dream, American dream.
I can't even sleep
From the light's early dawn

Oh scream, America scream.
Believe what you see
From heroes and cons.

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  • h
    Green Day have once again proven themselves to be one of America's greatest bands to grace our stages! While I loved American Idiot, I must say that 21st Century Breakdown is actually somehow better.
    This song opens the album, another Punk-Rock Opera, introducing the first character, Christian, who hates being just an average guy, born into a world of chaos that was ruined by his predicessors. He feels lost and confused, and he's at war with himself and his demons inside. He has a very negative outlook on his life at this point. He hates how things are going for him, resents that he is condemned to a life of less than mediocrity, and he hates that everyone believes religion can save them. At the end, he seems to be Taunting America itself, by telling it to go ahead and scream, bleed, die, believing the liars of the world. The album continues into Know Our Enemy.
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    So. Lyrics Mode apparently deletes your account if you don't log on for a while. This is the former Hazeldountlovesbullet. My account was deleted for some reason, so here I am as Sable_rage. I'll be posting updated meanings on a lot of songs I've already done, because there's a million ways to look at them all. Also, I wanted to share with all you Green Day fans out there that the American Idiot Musical did well in Oakland, and premiered on Broadway in April. The soundtrack is out now for anyone that's interested. I had a friend burn me a copy, and I have to say: it is the single most amazing piece I have ever heard in my life. If any of you thought rent had great music (I did), your mind will be blown.
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