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Grand Puba – Big Kids Don't Play lyrics

[grand puba maxwell]
Check itthe big kids don't play
Nope, we don't playthe big kids don't play
Toys ain't usthe big kids don't play
Huh, we don't playthe big kids don't play
Check it yo

Here goes the flow, from your favorite dynamo
Grand puba, dougie mo', to show that we can flow slow
Some of them seem to think, that they're-biggidu-bobbebly-swing
Come on in, try again, cause here's the next one my friend
We know what our people want, it's the real dope shit
Twenty-four hours a day, the big kids don't play
So you can relax, all your problems and you come you come you come
Grand puba's the one to get the job done
Well then you knock knock knock upon my door door door
If you really wanna see, God bo-dy
Grand puba is comin to slam it and you can believe it's no trouble to me
Cause I wreck shop, on the non-stop, grab the big props
Then I change it up a bit to flip it on some next shit
That's how it goes when you got the puba flows
I guess I'm a natural, yeah

How the chorus go? the big kids don't play
Here we gothe big kids don't play
Nanana-nah-nah the big kids don't play
Huh, we don't playthe big kids don't play
Parlayparlayparlaythe big kids don't play
Check the resume

Knock it off, because you know who's the boss
When it comes to this type of shit, you know what time is it
So, flow with the motion with the brother smooth as lotion
I'm not boastin here it is because I have the magic potion
Grand puba the mad rhymin ravin God child
With more rhymes than tokens in the turnstyle
Check it, here goes a noise for the ghetto girls and boys
I do it strictly for my people so come get your jolly joys
Not the type to get some loot, then flip and be conservative
I stay true, God body, word is bond, with no preservative
So cancel all the nonsense that you heard, thus far
You wanted the best at your request so here we are!
So call me the grand man, I laid off the sandman cause I like
Workin nights, I hit some joints and then I get into flights
Then push uptown to shabazz, get a fish sandwich with bean soup
Half and half, sign a few, autographs, jet back
Downtown, catch up with my staff
Now if you think that you can follow this flow
Please don't make me laugh

You know why? the big kids don't play
Nope we don't playthe big kids don't play
Ha-hahah-ha-hahthe big kids don't play
Yeahyeah,a-da-day!the big kids don't play
How we go yothe big kids don't play
The big kids don't play
The big kids don't play
The big kids don't play

The big kids don't play (repeats at intervals for the rest of the song)

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