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Gojira – Toxic Garbage Island lyrics

Mysterious form, soul in the dark
Under this heavy sealing concrete waves
Followed by servants, funeral cortege
This pale ghost is gathering his strength

Ghost, pale, the procession is crawling

Plastic form dead things it is now so clear
How could I fail to understand
Cities are burning the trees are dying
My heart awake but still
Pain is killing me
Pain is killing me

Take this pestilent destruction out of my way
The great pacific garbage patch is exhausting
And the world is sliding away
In a vortex of floating refuse
With the sacred one you have lost

Plastic bag in the sea [4x]

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    In the Pacific Ocean there is literally a huge island that's rarely ever mentioned that is nothing but trash. It's comprised mostly of plastic materials that will never completely go away, and is rumored to be nearly the size of Texas. It's not just trash from the you. S. Either, it's from all over the world and the currents carry it all to about the same spot. Plastic grocery bags and bottles are two of the worst offenders, they are used so often and carelessly thrown away, and unfortunately our ocean is where a good amount of them end up. Even when they are broken down by the water, they just become small plastic chunks that will float around for ever. Recycle your stuff.
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