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Gojira – Born In Winter lyrics

Before all things reborn again
You learn the painful breath of time

Cold mourning stretches out your arms
To the mighty warmth of the golden sun

Seem all have gone insane for gold
All was created out of the night
We're all born from the burst of a star

The day you'll come to life you'll realize
Expanding force to life where you belong

And in the winter cold, with opened eyes
You'll find the strength to fight and stand upright

One day you'll walk the world and keep in mind
The heart you've been given in winter time

And through the bitter cold, with opened eyes
You'll find the strength to fight and stand upright

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    The way I interpret the song, is as if a god is talking to someone before they once again continue their reincarnation cycle. "Before all things reborn again, you learn the painful breath of time". What I see expressed in these lines is the "God" is saying you finally realized what it takes to reborn, and that it is essentially and endless cycle until one day you break it. The "painful breath of time" could possibly be their idea that time doesn't exist. You are everyone else. And everyone else is you, just reincarnated. "Expanding force to life where you belong". It's also inferred that you aren't going to remember this conversation between the "God" and yourself when you're reborn "keep in mind, the heart you've been given in winter time". Winter I believe is a metaphor for death, and the spirit leaving the body, so this is a conversation between spirit and "God". No one else understands as they are all wanting of material things, "insane for gold". These are your past selves and are all not focused on what your future selves will be i.e. enlightenment, realization etc. The time you "find the strength to fight and stand up right" is when you, as a human, realize the cycle and remember your conversation with "God".
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    Honestly I think this is a song to his kids, telling them a life lesson before they are born. In the beginning it isn't clear who is he talking to or what about.
    "Seems all have gone insane for gold" seems like a legit point of view of society from the narrator, and he seems like he is having a conversation with someone.
    "The day you'll come to life" is obviously the birth. Everything else seems like metaphoric ways the narrator found to say how he expects his child to evolve both as an Human and as a person.
    "When day you'll walk the world and keep in mind the heart you've been given in the winter time" is pretty much saying that he expects that this person behaves keeping in mind the blessing that it is being given with Life.
    Like all Gojira songs this is a song about being "free minded" and love nature as it was given to us.
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    I find your interpretation interesting but I disagree with the first sentence: "Before all things reborn" I think they are just talking about the life (the trees, the animals, the nature in general) as the song belongs to winter.
    And about this "God" you're talking about, I had this impression too but I wouldn't say it's actually a God as we, humans, think this word: with all the work of Gojira, I think this is the Nature, the life who is talking to the new child.
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