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Glassjaw – Star Above My Bed lyrics


Kneeling low on my pillow, God, kneeling low on my pillow
I will see there, I will be there
You and me, we die
I will fracture, I will capture
You and me, we die

Look at pink roses full of black kind hearts
It can't compare to your beauty
As you're lying through your fucking teeth

Why can't I glow?

Why don't you look at the roses
Girl from a black wedding bouquet?
Can't compare to you, you're fucking beauty
'Til you look to sway

Why can't I glow? I'll die

I will be dead, I will see the dead
You and me, we die

Summer's trudging closer and a flurry of white as well
It's the heart of nuclear winter and you can bet I'm scared as hell
But I don't blame you
I don't blame you

My God, am I the wrong one?
She's a monster of mankind

I, I see the fucking manger
On her flesh she left a warning
And I said, "will I ever see all that's coming through for me?"
And will I ever breathe? We die

I wasn't a star lost
My fine point has been turned into the warmth
How to say this and why?
Look into my eyes and shut the fuck up

Why can't I glow?

Oh God and it came towards the sin
And it accentuates the shit my fucking way

Shut the fuck up
You can see it in my eyes
Why can't I glow?
Shut up

I will see there, I will be there
Where you and me, we die

Leave and take my memories of her with you
Pack your shit and leave and take my memories of her with you
(I don't need to know)
And take her fucking with you

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