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George Watsky – Danger lyrics

I ain't afraid, I'm the man, I'm the great
I laugh in the face of danger
I'm on the edge so you best be prepared
There's something in the air, it's danger
I never cared, lions, tigers and bears
I ain't scared, you can bring that danger
If you want to survive, better stay on your side
Or you're putting yourself in danger

[Verse 1:]
I drive a hooptie, not a Humvee
My bed's hella comfy
Sometimes I get hella clumsy
You more He-Man, me more Gumby
You more Bun B, trill
Me more One Tree Hill
Me Will
You Uncle Phil
I'm nothing but a punk with skills
If that's confusing, then I'd like to ask you humbly chill
Cause last I checked, it was a fucking free country still
I'm so hungry. It's time for din din
We do our thing thing
All we do it win win win
And then draw some
Because I fight with my friends, and my friends like to win and they're
And if you cross em
Well then you crossed me
And you better watch out
Cause if you watch me
You know I fight to the last for my fam and my friends are my fam so a
Friend is a Watsky

[Verse 2:]
I never pack switch blade (Danger)
But in the middle of the night I run a black ops fridge raid
Jackpot, man, never play the good cop
When I'm at the kitchen door negotiating push pops
I just got here. Watch your boy stay

Stepped in the building and I'm chilling in the foyer
Oy vey. Man I'm colder than the South Pole
I don't give a damn if it's a no-shoes household
This bonehead's in his pro-Keds from outset
That's why I stay grounded like a three-prong outlet
It's how I pull off looking like a Boy Scout, yet
I'm rocking sneakers that are cleaner than a moist towelette
And yes, my rider calls for Grey Goose and Applejacks
How I rose so fast from the cabbage patch
I use some four letter curses, and then I drop a triple word score that'll
Scrape you in a Scrabble match

[Verse 3:]
Here comes lover lover, on some other ish
Quick to blow up like a pufferfish
The toughest puppet with
Purple plush stitched in my flesh
Snuffaluffagus up in this bitch
On some raw rubber ducky shit
And you muggles mean mugging
Better cut it quick
Chuck another diss, and then pucker lips
Kiss my voluptuous hips
And then button it
Stopping fuckery's on my bucket list
I like monsters under beds, But I'm a kitties and puppies man
Slap that peppermint frap from a yuppie's hand
Didn't clean my room. I puff the magic dragon
So go ahead and stuff me in the paddy wagon
You dilly-dallied while I called shots
I'm not babyfaced, my beard's got bald spots
Fresh mind, mentos for my mental
Fuck the #2, I use a #1 pencil

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