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George Jones – 50,000 Names lyrics

There are teddy bears & high school rings
And old photographs that mamas bring
That daddies with their young boys, playing ball.
There's combat boots that he used to wear,
When he was sent over there.
There's 50, 000 names carved in the wall

There's cigarettes, & there's cans of beer
And notes that say I miss you dear
And children who don't say anything at all.
There's purple hearts and packs of gum
Fatherless daughters and fatherless sons
And there's 50, 000 names carved in the wall

They come from all across this land
In pickup trucks and mini vans
Searching for a boy from long ago
They scan the wall and find his name
The teardrops fall like pouring rain
And silently they leave a gift and go

There's stars of David and rosary beads
And crucifixion figurines
And flowers of all colors large and small
There's a Boy Scout badge and a merit pin
Little American flags waving in the wind
And there's 50, 000 names carved in the wall.

There's 50, 000 names carved in the wall...

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    This song made me cry. I lost my first love to that war, and his name is on the Wall. George Jones' song is beautiful and really soulful. It makes me feel as if it is 1968 all over again. All of those young men and some women who gave their lives are represented on that wall, and George Jones' song speaks about all of the heartbroken people who visit the Wall and leave mementos to those people who are represented. They are my generation. That War caused so much pain for so many people, and is still causing pain today. My beloved brother was in the Army and was in Vietnam, 1st Air Cavalry and died 8 years ago from pancreatic cancer. He is not on the Wall, but we have to wonder if his cancer may have been caused by Agent Orange, because he was exposed to it so much, and so many of our Nam vets are dying of cancer now. God bless all of our Vietnam veterans. We are so happy they made it home!
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    I'm a vietnam vet. Every friend I made over there are now listed on that wall. I didn't die until I came back and got spit on in the oakland air terminal by a hairy legged hippie girl and all the rest didn't want to talk about it. I still love my country's values or the one's that are left and I'd die today to save those values even for that hairy legged hippie girl. May god bless our country and those whose names are on the wall.
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