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the GazettE – Taion (Body Temperature) (English Version) lyrics

A wintry sky and the broken streetlight cold wind.
Unknown shadow the footprint of desertion.
Freedom was taken.

If it wakes up a gloomy ceiling.
A laughing voice sinks in the eardrum it is soiled.
And violence rapes me.

An understanding is impossible.
Why was I chosen? Someone should answer...

Please answer me it is a horrible dream.
How much should I shout, writhe and suffer?
Please tell me it is a horrible dream.
I shouted many times with losing voice

There is no hand of preparing of the disordered hair.
A laughing voice sinks in the eardrum a faint temperature is mixed in the midwinter.

I persuaded myself, who had a dying voice and began writhing.
Not to lose for living.
I was drowned in the night when I feared and had a dying voice.
Please forgive my dying breath.

Please answer me it is a horrible dream.
How much should I shout, writhe and suffer?
Please tell me it is a horrible dream.
I want to smile again at last.

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    What I think most people can understand about this song is the history- a young girl in Japan is beaten, raped mercilessly day after day, and lit on fire as punishment for trying to contact the police. What I don't think people can grasp, however, is how amazing it is that a man that was merely 5 years old when this happened can write a song so powerful. Each time he performs it, he nearly cries, and it so perfectly captures how Tokyo feels. When this girl was killed, it wasn't just another tragedy amongst many- it was an entire country's tragedy, and it was so impactful that Ruki wrote a song about it.
    I don't think there is a better way to do this tragedy justice than by the pain in his voice when he sings and the words he's written.
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  • u
    Thank you so much ruki. I think it means a lot to junko please be in a better place now junko you are strong and an amazing person you deserve to be in heaven I love you and I am positive everyone feels the same I am do sorry to what happened to you of I was that boys parents I would have called the police are. I. P please smile once again.
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    Junko furuta was only 16 when she was abductated in 1988. She was constantly raped and beaten until they killed her. The men who did this should have their balls ripped from them. I can't say how she survived more than a month of this. I hope those monter rot in hell. Gazette did an astounashing job. May you rest in peace junko furuta, for there are no other words left for me to say.
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    I'm from malaysia. I read about this gurl. I cried and cried many time I was heart broken. 44 days its not easy. I can imagine how much she would have screem, moan and cried. Wit all that pain. Goshhh its a very sad thing. She was only 16 it breaks ma heart. A girl wit dreams. God really annoyed me this time. She was unable to see the future. 1988 the year I was born. I just praying those b*****d will never have a good life and will have a suffering death and will rot in hell. Are. I. P junko. We love you.
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