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the GazettE – Reila (English Translation) lyrics


Since I've met you, how many of the same wounds have I sustained? How many have supported me?
I wanted you to tell only me when you were hurting instead of anyone else
The truth is burned into my eyes What are you, immobolized by silence, thinking?
I don't need a reason If only you return her to me [1]

How much more are you who has become nothing
Hurting than me who has been left behind
Although nothing had started yet
Although I still hadn't said [2] these words to you

Even if I try to call out your name
This voice does not reach you...
Open your eyes And laugh to show me that it's all a lie...

Lets go somewhere tomorrow If it's somewhere that you wish for
I'll go there no matter where it is

You were always like that As far as I can remember
You were going off to somewhere
Once again you've left me behind and ran off by yourself
I can't reach you anymore I can't reach you anymore
Although I had finally met up with you
Everything that I had held inside of me overflowed
Became tears and spilled out

These words that I couldn't say
I sing them to you now and here
I love you more than anyone else
I love you. I love you...

The room that the two of us were in Is still the way it was
I don't lock the door So that you can come home any time
I'm always waiting for you Even though I know [3]
I still can see your figure as you open the door

Tomorrow, you'll surely come home right?

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Submitted byminor


  • u
    Reila was never a person. It's just a song. The fact that he cries when he sings it, shows what talented writer he is, that he lives himself into the song.
    There's so many stories about who "Reila" is. That she's an old girlfriend, that she's actually "Reita".
    If Reila was someone in Ruki's life, we should butt out, and leave it alone. It's his personal life, and we shouldn't make theories about if "Reila" is a person or not.
    Putting that aside, this is a beautiful song, and it has been stuck on my brain a long while now.
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  • u
    Türkçe sözleri giren eden olmamış ama ingilizce çevirisine bakarak da anlayabiliyorum bir şeyler neyse ki. Lan var ya, ef-Sa-Ne sözler be.
    İnstagram sayfamı terk ettiğimden beri The Gazette ve Dir En Grey'e sardım iyice zaten. Ama 'Reila' parçasının yeri bir başka bende be. İyice alıştım. Visual Kei tarzının krallarıdıare The Gazette ve Dir En Grey. İnsan alışıyor tabii kaliteli parçalar görmeye bir süre sonra :).
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  • A-Nocturne
    Ruki, wrote a sad song called "reila". In the song he sings about a girl named reila, who he loves, but she committed suicide. I have found out that, reila, was ruki's old girlfriend years back who committed suicide herself. That could be the reason ruki's eyes look glassy and tear-filled when he sings "reila" in the pv and at the concerts. Who ever she was, reila must have really been loved by ruki.
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