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Gary Allan – Promise Broken lyrics

I'm out here everyday,
Breaking hearts along the way,
I cause tears to fall,
And some to lose it all,
This old world would be,
Better off without me.
I'm the saddest word you've spoken,
I'm a promise broken.

I'm the ball the game that you missed.
I'm the calls that don't come in,
I'm every poor excuse
Used to cover up the truth,
I tell the people that you love,
That they don't matter quite enough.
There's no stopping me once I'm in motion,
I'm a promise broken.

Dissapointment, disillusion, dispair, confusion.
I've seen it all arise.
Don't promise you will, if you won't.
Don't say you do, if you don't
It's alright to say you'll try.

Well I get pushed aside,
When you move on with your life.
But I'll stand the test of time,
In your heart and in your mind.
You'll think about me now and then.
Wonder how your life might've been.
But I will leave you never knowing.
I'm a promise broken.

I'm a promise broken.

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    This song reminds me of my dad. Had many wives, along with children with each of them. Broke their hearts, but when he was done with the marriage he was basically done with the kids. I think all of us would have been satisifed with sorry the marriage didn't work out "I tried", but I still want to be a father to you. As a child and on into adulthood, you cannot help but wonder what it would have been like had he been a part of your life growing up, being at your games, your birthday parties, etc., and what it would be like to have a grandfather involved with your children; but you grow up and that time has passed you by. So does the desire for any real relationship with him, so he gets pushed aside, and you move on with your life. For me, no matter how much he screws up. He's my dad and I will always love him. When I think of him, it does make me sad - the potential for so many blessings. Has to be a lonely, sad feeling to know that you let that all slip away from you.
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