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Gadjits – Angel And A Devil lyrics

There's a kid in my mind who says "Now have a good time"
And the man in my soul makes me behave.
So tell me which do I pick if I'm gonna get a kick,
If I'm gonna try to have a good time.
I got an angel and a devil looking over my back
And each one is ready to go.
There's no such thing as a happy medium
If you have any plans to let go.

I'm gonna grow up fast in this world alone
And leave behind something to show.
All I need is my friends standing by me to the end
And the drugs are only gonna make me slow.

There's a million different ways to have fun today
And I hope to God that I never try
Crack cocaine or heroin in my vein
Because I'll surely be the junkie runnin' dry.
But alcohol's another story 'cause I've really got a taste
And I've really had a good ol' time
At Montreal at the bars or driving in my car
From San Francisco all the way to Philadelphia


... I got a real close friend who told me something I won't forget
"You're gonna get the face you deserve."
So I'm gonna do my best to kill 'em with kindness
So I can grow up to be good...


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