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G-unit – Born To Be A Thug lyrics

Daddy when you comin home?.. I wish I could tell you but Idon't know, if you don't work you don't eat just be good whiile I'm gone.. Daddy when you comin home??.. I'm hustlin I'll be back in a week make sure you do your homework and kiss your momma for me.. Daddy when you comin home??... Don't ask me no mo I'm bout to go.. Can I go with you daddy??.. Lil girl shut my door.. Daddy when you comin home??.. You know I'll be back I got to but for now I go to do what I got to do, I love you

Verse 1

I know I run the streets to much but that' s my life, and for you I'll trade it all my house, car, my ice, every night I look at you and thank god, knowin' you got everything you want and I aint even got a job, not to mention this thug life I'm livin, I neva let you go off sleepin in them brick buildins (fuck that) the day you was born me n my niggas popped bottles, when in the hospital drunk to go and see my daughter, you atta seen the look in my eyes to see my baby girl cry, the happiest day in my life to see my baby girl smile, it' s a big world now so you kno to take it slo, you don' t need a nigga for nothing, ya daddy got dough, you gone live where you want to, drive where you want to as long as you alive you gon do what you wan do, I put my life on the line for me and mine and when I leave man she say it everytime


Verse 2

You think I like spending nights on the streets, I do that so daddy can keep nike' s on ya feet, see the reason you can't come in the kitchen I'm cookin chicken, we gon go to the mall and ball soon as daddy finish, let me take care my business for a minute, and anything you want I promise we gon get it, can't wait to see my baby graduate, when that day come rolex, baguettes daddy gon pay for em, once a man make one he' ll see the way that I feel, kno there aint no games to be played, shit to real, and since kids bring bills you kno it cost a lil betta be working or tworkin something that kid need meals, I got my baby tattooed on my arm, septemba 27th is the day she was born, unitl I get back just hold it for papa, it hurt my heart everytime to hear you holla


Verse 3

I kno what it's like to grow up wishin for a daddy, my baby will neva grow up livin unhappy, I spent my whole life without my fatha, it bothered me bad, I thank god for my momma, she' s all I had, a nigga turned to the streets to raise me, I dropped outta high school but look what it made me, the chances I neva had, my baby gon have, so when my baby in high school my baby gone pass, I sit and laugh cuz you kno that ya look just like me, and me neva comin home is highly unlikely, just kno that everything I do is meant for me n you, P. S. Yo daddy young buck, I love you


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