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Funkmaster Flex – Wild For The Night - Rampage lyrics

It's Atiya, Richard of Flatbush
Speak up
The word on the street is the Rampage return

Hah, one time, two times, three times (no doubt), four times
All my real live soldiers throw your hands up
All my real live women throw your hands up
All my real strong bustas throw your hands up
All my real live players throw your hands up

Check it out, like this y'all
The heavyweight Brooklyn bomber that can't rest
Love success, I'm gettin money progress
Travellin for free from state to state
That's how I get my idea to create
I'm live motivate, I keep on movin, it's been fubu
I make Def Jams like Rick Rubin
I stay on my tippy toes wreckin shows, I'm too slow
You can't peep my I'll flow in this Burning Zone
Keep low like an Eskimo
Askin' people, still carry my flow, open the do'
It's the real outlaw, from Flatbush to South Shore
Givin you more and more
I just came home from tour
It's my time to burn to explore
I'm comin through the floor with Low X
I'm fully gassed to the max movin stacks, no fakin jacks
I'm the baddest man on the wax
Messin around with my Squad, you get taxed
Shittin' Ex-Lax, on hot tracks, I can't relax
Breakin' backs, with my nfl Quarterbacks
Flipmode deep we bring good things to light
Put down your gun and light
I'm in it to win it
Plus I'm wildin for da night

All my muthafuckas in the place to be
You feel right, throw your hands up
We gettin wild for da night
Niggas in the place, if you wanna fight
Serious let's get busy cause we
Wild for da night
My Flipmode niggas gettin
Wild for da night
Niggas in New York gettin
Wild for da night
My niggas in the West gettin
Wild for da night

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