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Freestyle Fellowship – Freestyle Dedication lyrics

F/ Supernatural

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For the Fellowship, huh
This one goes out to the Fellowship, hah
This moment right here, I'ma relish it
All these brothers is strong, black and intelligent, uh

This goes out to the Fellowship
These are real cats and they not delicate
Yo this moment right here, I'ma relish it
All of them is young, black and intelligent

Now I spit this for the Fellowship
Real brethren in the game, real cats never delicate
Four black men, and all intelligent
Love to freak freestyles for the hell of it
They created styles, suckas took the styles
So many styles, that were made, they never been played, yeah
Back in the days one time they can't regroup
They lost a member, and his name was Jup
But he was bound to come back, better than before
Twice as raw
Came from the pit with the 24-karat jaw
Seen things that you cats have never saw
Now, yeah, jump on the see-saw
I starts to zone, I play chess with Aceyalone
In Lamerck, one time I do work
I rock 'till it hurts, one time can never cease
With the Camp Freestyle with brother P. E. A. C. E., yeah
Drop dimes, yo I met up with Mikah 9
When he was in the nyc, used to chill with me
Sport constantly, as far as I can see
This is dedicated to the brothers Free, yeah

This is dedicated to the Fellowship
Real cats and no they're not delicate
Four black brothers and they all intelligent
So this moment right here, I'ma relish it

Yo, this is dedicated to the Fellowship, yeah
Real cats and they never delicate
Four black brothers and they all intelligent
So this moment right here, I'ma relish it

Now this is just a little shoutout from the cat named Supernat
Once or twice, when I used to rock at the Good Life
That's when I first started yo to meet all the members
The first time I entered the center

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