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Fortunate Ones – If I Were A Rich Man lyrics

It was all a dream, I used to read the double xl source and the conference magazine
Jay Z put me on to a vivid dream and freed Aj used to run my tv screen
Hang the lyrics on my wall, every summer free lunches at ps 'cafeteria hall
Now I'm in the mall 'cause I can afford to ball
Shame on these bitches, I can't even keep the score or at least I thought I did
I told myself that if I ever make a million I promised that I'd get bored of it
Shopping sprees, no receipts, got words with Double Ds 'as my Ferraris
No more surges, though, my game has grown
Prefer you call me sir when you got your hand out for that loan
I'm like King James when I'm bucking in the pen
I want that work of art, darling, ask about a name, darling
In Miami Beach, caught Versace sheets, four Versace house, cheated on my bitch
And she my future divorce, bounce, goddamn, I will miss that mouse
Make some money, now I know what Will was talking about
But I broke your soul, it was all a dream, Biggie told me that it was just all a dream
Hold me, baby, warned me that it was all a dream
Should've listened to the motherfucking Brooklyn kings

If I were a rich man
La la la la la la la
More hoes, more clothes, more money for the bros
More foes, more rows, more coke for the nose
If I were a rich man
La la la la la la la
More hoes, more clothes, more money for the bros
More foes, more rows, more coke for the nose

I ain't rich but don't push me
Success is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy
Picture getting ass reloaded, on a boat, show potent
Till I hit the iceberg and I'm floating
Hoes down, nigga wanna cook it
And they whistle, got bitches coming for me
'Cause my diamonds, they be glistening
Now pay attention, rest in peace 'cause all of the pieces
That were broke were glued, didn't have it all
Now really I'm for it, too
Three see me balling wearing sandals
Giving scandals to these riders
I'm the jackal, gorilla style, offers, building me statues
Up and real 'cause Miami was to frill
It was all good till it all got legal
Now I'm bald like American eagles
With none of my peoples
Paranoid and looking through peepholes and now I'm deceitful
Laughing till the bank told the milk comes out my nose
And my forefathers like dominoes

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