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Eric Schwartz – Only Be lyrics

The traveler is tired, the sun will soon set
I once was inspired, but why, I forget
I've seen through the city and all that it's not
Though really, I don't need a lot

Just build me a cabin, surround me with snow
'Cause I'd love to go where there's nowhere to go
With someone beside me sippin' on tea
And under the afghan we'll be, only be

The rats have all scurried, the streets are all bare
But tomorrow the hurried and worried and scared
Will be scratching the sidewalk for a last piece of cheese
And all I can ask you is "Please..."


The kettle is calling from over the stove
Never a fire was so lovingly felt
Under drifts that the winter winds drove
In a world where the snows never melt
Hour after hour, I sit and I stare
Watching the faces emerge from the glare
They rise and descend into dust
I don't want to leave but I know that I must
Thus armed with an image, I'll walk with the blind
My road is a rough one, to this I'm resigned
But when searching for solace, it's not very far
'Cause whenever I grab by guitar

I'm stuck in a cabin, surrounded with snow
And happy to be where there's nowhere to go
With someone beside me, sippin' on tea
And under the afghan with me


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