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Emmy The Great – Comic Books lyrics

Somewhere there's a light
That meets a shoreless tide
But I guess I'm resigned
To never seeing mine

Shoosh, I've never lied
All these teenage dreams
Put them all aside
They hurt like kryptonite

And you lost
A piece of me
I know I’ll find in time
In time

This is how it goes
We part and say good bye
Then you take what’s yours
And I take what’s mine

No, I’ve never lied
Just took some souvenirs
Keep your comic books
Remind me you were here

When you lost
A piece of me
I know I'll find in time
In time

(cello - solo)

You lost
A piece of me
I know I’ll find in time
No, these...
Teenage dreams
I’ll leave them all behind
In time

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