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Elijah Melo – Up All Night lyrics

I was up all night, trying to get it right
Saw a little bad one shining in the light
In her tight black dress, straight breaking necks
And she's a mixed breed like she plays for the nets
I said baby where you from? What's it gonna be?
Is another man about to run up on me
Cause I see your eyes trying to call up on me
So, I don't want a kid trying to stroll up on me
I don't deal with that.
But whatever, I ain't trying to settle in
But for you baby girl I'll be a gentleman
So write your number down, let me hit you up
You can keep them legs crossed until I split you up
Ha, All these words that you're provoking
And with the liquor being so so opposing
You ain't nothing like the rest
So it's only fitting if you're sipping with the best

Girl you know that you're bad
(I'ma own that, I'm a own that)
And I'ma be the best you ever had
(I'ma own that, I'm a own that)

Yeah, paper hearts we're just having fun
And I saw you as a chance so I grabbed me some
And your booty mad thick, with your juicy ass lips
You can bump too? Damn, that's some movie ass shit
Guess I caught a hat trick right?
And you're fly ass hell girl, are you miss wright?
YSL on your lips when we're french kissing,
You can show a man exactly what he's missing
And you know the clubs about to close, and we're still together
It's only fitting that I ask if we should get together
You said you got a spot right around the block
And I can read your body good, you don't wanna stop
So lead the way baby girl, the night is young
To the bedroom, I'ma beat it like a drum
Where's your roommate girl, you can lock the door
I'ma knock that kitty out girl, Au revoir

Girl you know that you're bad
(I'ma own that, I'm a own that)
And I'ma be the best you ever had
(I'ma own that, I'm a own that)

I was up all night
I was up all night

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