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Electric Funstuff – Has Anybody Here Seen My Corpse? lyrics

Electric Funstuff presents a story which is sad but true.

The ranger left our party in a pinch,
The fight had looked like it would be a cinch,
But the mage ran out of mana,
The cleric said manana,
And I was dead before I'd moved an inch.

See, I told ya it was a sad story.

Well can you spare some rations, cuz I sure need a drink,
I lost my stuff, I'm feeling, out of sorts,
Those trains just keep chasin,
No idea which way I'm facin',
Has anybody here seen my corpse?

I'm fuming cuz my servers down again,
Those women I've been chasing are all men,
"My name's Galadriel!"
I asked one to join my side,
She just laughed until she cried and said,
Get your skill at begging up to ten.

Well can you spare some rations, cuz I sure need a drink,
I move so slow, I wish I had a horse,
It's night and I can't see,
Danger in front of me,
Has anybody here seen my corpse?

"Holy Cats, we're in the banjo spawning grounds!
Killed my pet!
You're the tank, you kill it!
I'm almost dead,
This is it!
Good thing that guard came by. "

Well everything cons red now, when I play,
What would I like my tombstone to say?
Thanks well it's been fun,
Five more minutes then I'm done,
I've been sayin' that to myself since, yesterday.

"I'll be right there sugar just as soon as I kill this skeleton,
And this shadow wolf,
And this fire beetle. "

Well can you spare some rations, cuz I sure need a drink,
This game will be grounds for my divorce.
The lag times can be chokin',
The quests can all be broken,
But still I keep coming back, of course
And I will surely seek you,
Next time you're on eq,
Cuz maybe oh just maybe,
Maybe oh just maybe,
Maybe you might have seen my corpse.

Dang moss snake.

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