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Edgar Winter – Jazzin' The Blues lyrics

Cool groovy jazz cats
And country western buckaroos
Classical conductors
And rock 'n' rollers watch your cues
Let the trends keep on passin', what I do's
A thing called jazzin' the blues
I hear some fusion
Makes me wonder what to fuse
Afro, Cuban, Asian
Color comes in many hues
But whatever style's in fashion, I'll never lose
A passion for jazzin' the blues
Disco to hip-hop
There are many avenues
Pop rock to bebop
Why should I be forced to choose
Ain't no fortune I'm amassin', all I'm askin' you's
To let me keep on jazzin' the blues
Retro to techno
Is one example you can use
Where a sample is ample
To turn the oldies into news
But through all the razzmatazzin', and ballyhoos
I'm gon'a keep on jazzin' the blues
No explanation
I've got nothin' to excuse
Without invitation
Music writes it's own reviews
I might be my own assassin, but win or lose
I'm gon'a keep on jazzin' the blues
I can take the harassin', cheers or boos
I'm gon'a keep on jazzin' the blues
There is nothin' surpassin', my music muse
That keeps me jazzin' the blues
Jazzin the blues, Yeah

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