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Duff Mckagan – Mezz lyrics

"I read a lot of books, mostly nonfiction. And I don't watch a lot of tv,
But I like my Seattle sports teams. I've also seen the Cirque du Soleil
Perform a bunch of times. There are lines in this song about a lot of
Those things I've read about or seen. It's like, "God, I wish I could
Have been there. I wish I could have done that. " These are things I
Think everybody wishes, in some form -- they wish they could be there. "

I wanna be the worlds best lover
I wanna be on every cover
I wanna be the flying man in the Cirque du Soliel
But I'm me, and that's all I'll ever be

I wanna be like Serpico, or a freedom fighter
Down in Mexico, a black man in the fifties south,
See what fake white freedom was all about
I wanna 'recon' in vietnam, shoot a ball like
Gary Payton, I wanna talk to Jesus Christ,
A-bomb the extreme right

But I'm me, and that's all I'll ever be.
And I see there are some things I don't need


If it was up to me, I'd be those things and
So much more
If it was me, I'd talk to God and kick
Down every door

I really wanna save the planet, end all wars
And destructive habits, I wanna raise hell
With the C. D. C, see if all is being done about
That fuckin disease, I wanna be like Randy
Johnson, play guitar like Mick Ronson, wanna
Set my sights on art collections, give
Homeless people a new direction
But I'm me, and that's all I'll ever be
And I see, there's some things I don't need.



If it was up to me
I'd break down
Let the poor have it all
Ban all war, if you please and end disease


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