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Drey Wylde – Any Chance lyrics

[Verse 1: Drey Wylde]
I'm sorry I'm so cheesy
I'm so geeky
I don't know what we should
But I like you
And I trust you
And everyday we spent together
Makes me wanna lust you
And I blush too
When your feeling lonely
I feel like it's my job to adjust you

You make me realize, there's people out there with no lies
No disguise
Your beautiful inside
You stole my heart
Right in a heartbeat
And I know we're just friends
But I'm wondering
If maybe you'd want more than that
If maybe we can sit and chat
About all the joy we shared
About how I've always cared
I'm sorry I've never told you
But I need to let you know that
I've always adored you
And when you smile and laugh
It just makes me see a path
A path where we can go on
A path where we can grow strong

But I know you belong with him
And I could never win you, but will you
Just give me time to speak
I've liked you from the start
But you don't have to take it to the heart
Girl your flawless
But when I'm with you
I feel cautious... because

I know your taken
I'm not trying to take you
I just wanna kick it
Lets see a movie, I got the tickets (lets get it)
I'm in it to win in
I want your heart with it

The feeling I'm feeling is great, no debate
Ima open the gate
And let you
When your ready for us, it's not a must
But can we discuss about
The lust and trust we have for one another
We'll always have each other
You can be my girl, won't that be better
I'll take you out
And buy you gifts
Skip shifts, just to see you
There's a world out there
Let me free you

[Verse 2: Ved G and Drey Wylde]
I'm sorry I'm so plain
But the pain is just to hard to handle
Light a fucking candle
And burn this place right to the ground
You should know I deserve the crown
And I'd wear it proudly
But don't crowd me
With your bullshit
Cuz it's lousy

I'm glad he treats you good
But only if I could
Tell you
That I need you by my side
Compel you
Just to give me another try
With me and you
Something new
What we have, it could be true
But instead your just doing you
And I've been a fool for loving you

All these years, and all these tears
That I have cried
My feelings deep inside have died
But now I realize
That you have never tried

Now I'm tired of this darkness, I fell for you
I should have been more cautious
I went through hell for you
I mean I'm disappointed
Everyday we spent together was just pointless
You need to learn to talk less, and hear me out
I'm right here, you don't need to shout
Just take this route, I'm ready
To let you go
Your a dirty hoe
You blocked me
But can you fuck me... (because)

I know your taken
I'm not trying to take you
I just wanna kick it (Netflix)
To be honest I can't fake it
He's lying, he's not trying
Bottom line, you should be mine
Girl your a dime

You're super fine
And hella cute
Your hot as shit
I might peruse
When I see you, I'm like,"shit"
Maybe later you'll let me hit
Yeah I'm trying to smash
I'm not trying to dash
I don't like you more than cash
But I'd like to slay and slash

I'm trying to clash
That's clash of clans
I raise the flag
And you catch the hand

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