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Dreamgirls – Family lyrics

What about what I need?
(Curtis says it's the best thing for the group)
What about what's best for me?
(He feels the Dreams can cross over)
What about how I feel?
(But when we're famous, I'll write great things for ya. Effie, do it for me)
What about me? What about me?

C. C.:
It's more than you. It is more than me.
No matter what we are, we are a family.
This dream is for all of us,
This one can be real.
And you can't stop us now,
Because of how ya feel.

It's more than you. It is more than me.
Whatever dreams we have, they're for the family.
We're not alone anymore, now there are others there.
And that dream's big enough
For all of us to share.

So don't think you're going,
You're not going anywhere.
You're staying and taking your share.
And if you get afraid again, I'll be there.

C. C., Deena, Lorrell, & Curtis:
We are a family, like a giant tree.
Branching out toward the sky.
We are a family, we are so much more,
Than just you and I.
We are a family like a giant tree,

C. C.:
Growing stronger, growing wiser

C. C., Deena, Lorrell, & Curtis:
We are growing free
We need you
We are a family.

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