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Dream Theater – Breaking All Illusions lyrics

With the sun in place
There's a test of faith
Streams of thought awaken
New realities
Breaking all illusions

Sun in burst of heat
Burning source of life
Masterful destruction
Powers not in light
It's understanding truth
Changing my direction

Live every one night
Breathing a new beginning
Wisdom revealed
As I am undone
Life's biggest battles
Up in and fought alone
My spirit brings me home

Ample thoughts flow through my consciousness
Drawn to curses left behind
Test of will, the threshold to ones' faith
Stars of fire in the night

Searching out
Reaching in
To a ride where I begin
Sights remembered
In the light

Searching out
Reaching in
To a ride where I begin
Sounds remembered
Come alive

Embrace the days
Don't turn away
Life's true intent needs patience
Karma starts the signal

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    These lyrics are incorrect. But in my humble interpretation (of the correct lyrics of course), I believe that the song makes references (allusions) to the ideas and topics discussed in octavarium. Octavarium in many ways is about self discovery and learning about how your life's journeys often lead you back to where you started and how your achievements often end up being significantly different from the goals you set for yourself.
    Compare the lines:.
    "searching out, reaching in, to arrive where i began".
    Now here are two lines from octavarium:.
    "we move in circles colliding with our fate, a perfect sphere, this story ends where it began".
    "running forward, falling back, spinning round and round, looking outward, reaching in, scream without a sound... Find iv'e come full circle. "
    The song title plain states that the group in making references or allusions. The only question is to what? There are more lyrics like these that point to octavarium as the point of reference. Great song.
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    I think this song may be about the end of the world. "With the Sun in place" indicating that the Sun is in place for something. "There's a test of faith" being the characters faith in God being tested. "Sun in burst of heat" and "Masterful destruction" speak for themselves. "Powers not in light" signaling some secret organization (Maybe the 'test of faith' line ties in with this, this power not in light making him and offer and changing his direction, I. E testing his faith.). "Stars of fire in the night" maybe indicating a disastrous meteor shower?
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    I don't think I would go as far as the end of the world. But defenitely the song is about discovering the truth: It's understanding truth Changing my direction" "My spirit brings me home" "Searching out Reaching in To a ride where I begin"that would be the main theme, trying at least to discover the truth. But you guys are right it could be discovering the truth about the end of the world or just doing so in order to discover you own self, to find out the truth about yourself, reaching ouf of the closet so to speak. Anyway dt always had interpretable lyrics.
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