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Dr. Ring Ding – Bring De Money lyrics

Well, yes baby, less talkie-talkie and more runnie-
Come to daddy and bring me all you money,
Becah me needy, so don't be greedy
Bring all the cash to me, hear dis:

Baby, come bring the cash to me
Give it all to daddy
Baby, I can't remain hungry
Baby, come bring the cash to me
Give me all your money
Baby, I'm needy can't you see?

Di times get rough and life gets so hard
In such shituation I remain on my guard
So beg you go dung di street, baby leave fe wi yard
Becah you know how to make some cash, praise the lord


As it is written in di bible: you fe let of something
And a long time you know greed is a mortal sin
Fi mi yard a mi castle, I must live like a king
Me need cash fi mi limousine and mi Breitling

And a likkle pocket money, just fe do some shopping
Mi need mi bling bling and mi diamond ring
And di expenses dat I wasn't even expecting
Do you think dat you get dem ya ting fe notting?


To be poor is a crime; mi is a legal shot
So I need some dollars, mi can't live like a rat
Me need a big lot, gal, me nah want a squat
Use your discretion baby; you know where it's at


Me need some money
Times a get rough everyday, it nevah funny
So go make some dollars with dat money-maker, honey
Becah you know say dat it well hot like pepperoni
And break some eggs and make omelette, mi Easter bunny
Less talkie-talkie and more runnie-runnie
Fill up me pocket and all tings a get sunny
Like country bway mi love Cash, I don't mean Johnny


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