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Dr. Frank – Population: Us lyrics

It's a great big world, but all I want is you
This great big world won't leave us alone
No matter what we do (oh yeah)
Just look at how our lives are spent (oh yeah)
Loneliness and discontent (oh yeah)
Crying in the dark of night
But now I'm seeing the light (oh yeah)
Just think how it could be (oh yeah)
No one else but you and me (oh yeah)
Alone together, all right

You and me in isolation at an undisclosed location
No aggravation, no frustration
Population: us

Everywhere we go, the world gets in our way
I guess the world is here to stay (oh yeah)
But that doesn't make it right (oh yeah)
And I'm not afraid to fight (oh yeah)
For my beliefs and assorted aperitifs (oh yeah)
Cause baby we could have it all (oh yeah)
If neither of us drops the ball (oh yeah)
Far away behind a wall

Destination: consummation
Systems go in preparation
For Operation Gratification
Population: us
Population: us

I hate people. (I hate people) They're not like you and me. (not like you and me)
I don't need the competition (need no competition)
And I don't like the number three. (like the number three)

I know once we did love them
But now we must get rid of them
They serve us no purpose here you see
Except maybe bringing us our tea
But if you agree I'll do without
That's what love is all about (oh yeah)

There's only one way I can see (oh yeah)
How to get from A to B (oh yeah)
It's true you gotta start with A
But baby B's not far away (oh yeah)
If that's somewhere you think you've been (oh yeah)
Just wait'll my love kicks in
We'll be on our way

Conversation, exploration, manipulation, stimulation,
Penetration, consummation, procreation, domestication
Population: us
Population: us

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