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Dr. Dre – My Prescription lyrics

Take a little bit of..., mix it with some…
Put your hands up if you’re crazy enough to get chop chopped in…

Dr. Dree got my prescription and it’s keeping me alive,
Dr. Dree got my prescription and it’s keeping me alive!

Doctor, doctor!
Thank you for being patient, I’ve got your application
I now you’ve been waiting to see the
Doctor, doctor!
Where it is?
Where I am?
Here it is!
Here I am!
Yes, you push us right back upon the scene,
Yes, my... So met amphetamine,
Yeas, it’s coke… inside of every beat, shit!
I’m try to get you high!
You’ve been sitting in the waiting room for too long!
Too late for aa, you’re far too gone!
I hope you can’t take these off, son,
Like a... Full of big shit, niggaare, hell no!
They want some real shit!
Right now!
They want the real!
Right now!
Relax, I got you!
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Good think I had a couple hundred... In a round,...
Back in business, bigger than we ever was
It’s aftermath, niggaare! You know you’ve heard of us!
…music flooding the streets like when the Levi broke.
I got the antidote, I got your hands going up and down,
You’re fucked up now,
When it’s hard to come back to that bullshit,
And whenever is on the party, I was gonna bullshit.

You can be my patient, I’m operating,
All night!
You can be my patient if you’re trying to fall,
All night!

I’ll beat the bum bum
Down like you deserve,
Let’s… like I’m mixed in the river!
Six... Ain’t no competitors,
For show the doctor’s operating on the flow,
The doctor’s operating on the flow,

Doctor, you got my prescription and it’s keeping me alive!
Doctor, you got my prescription and it’s keeping me alive!

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