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Down To Nothing – Your Loss Your Regrets lyrics

I was told to keep my eyes on you
To never trust a fucking thing you do
I didn't know what you were capable of
And now I wish I had listened
But what's done is done
And there's no turning back
Now I know what's more important to you
Sometimes we learn the hard way
And I've learned a lot from you
To be careful with who I trust
And take advice when it's given to me
You're breaking
I'm building
Breaking down
Still learning from my mistakes that I've made
But I face them and I keep moving on
You hide pretending there's nothing wrong
Your loss, your regrets
You'll soon learn the hard way

When the roles are reversed
The wheel is rolling backwards
Back down on top of you
You're breaking
I'm building back up
Building up, your loss, your regrets
A coward move to flip it around
And take advantage of what was ours
Manipulate to save your ass
You're getting deeper, I'm getting worse
Take my rage out on you
Like a pride of lions
Surround you and tear you apart
Eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
Sometimes you win sometimes you lose
Take my rage out on you
Let all my rage out like a pride of lions on you
To eat you alive

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