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Down I Go – Augusto Pinochet lyrics

Blow the palace up!

Dispatch the rockets!

Surround the place with tanks!

Depose Allende!

Must destroy The Reds!

Install Pinochet!

Millitary rule!

Supreme Chief of the Nation!

Outlawing opposition, removing competition, execution
Helicopter: the caravan of death.

A tour of Chile's prisons. A journey of barbarism,
Headed by Arellano, Gozales, Larios and Brito.

Villa Grimaldi: Centre of interrogation. Tortured them
For information. Dina.

Electric grilles, 'Chilli Houses', the torture of their
Loved ones while they lie there, helpless. The guards
Strum their guitars while the inmates cry out and the
Claustrophobic nightmare, The Tower.

Operation Condor: You're not safe anywhere.

Help from the cia.

We have spies everywhere.

Letelier blown up in his car, now the world is

A referendum spells the beginning of the end.

Democratic elections are favoured over military

Si o No? It's up to you.

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