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Dos Gringos – Going In For Guns lyrics

I was on my act upgrade, standard 4vX
The awacs guy was out to lunch and I couldn't get no
I knew that they were hostile but I couldn't take the
So I flipped the switch to outboard and said, "Boys
It's time to dance"
And they asked me where you going as I started to
Said, "I've had enough of this shit, man, I'm going to
'Cause bvr is great but now it's time to have some fun
So Darkstar
Judy, Judy
I'm going in for guns

I was flying out at Nellis doing dark grey wic support
I was out there by my lonesome 'cause my buddy was a
When I saw that big fat fucker in a turn off to my
He was either lost or he was looking for a fight
So I put him in my hud and I almost flipped the switch
But then I thought, how could I miss? 'Cause that's a
Huge bitch
And only a big pussy would use his two
fox one's
It's time to get medieval
I'm going in for guns

We were back in Iraq for the second set
Killing every fucking thing that they parked in a revet
When I saw me close to 69 trucks parked in a row
I knew I shouldn't do it but I just could not say no
So I called up twenty mike-mike and I rolled in for the
Knowing my commander, he was going to chew my ass
But this issue's black and white like a school bus full
Of nuns
And someone's gotta make the call
I'm going in for guns

I'd just been out for Mexican and my stomach was in
From a greasy chimichanga and two tequila shots
I had to step in five for my one dact
As I yelled over my shoulder, "Don't nobody wait for
I was running down the hall like I'd never run before
And I began to wonder if I'd make it to the door
'Cause every second counts when your ass has got the
I made the call behind the stall
I'm going in for guns

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