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Donovan James – Mind Of A Bully lyrics

(Verse 1)
Inside the mind of a bully, I fall asleep and wake up hateful and mad and
Physically a beast, mentally I fall weak to these things around me and use
My fists for protection now nobody will clown me. It all started at Boston
Market. When my dad made this small man his punching target he took his
Food then he told him to move the way I saw my dad in action I thought it
Was smooth. So then I asked my dad, “Why you pushed that guy?” “Son, what
Did I say about asking me why? nice guys they only finish last, so you
Better be the first one up in your class it's survival of the fittest dog
Eat dog so you gotta be the big man making the calls” Then, it hit me like
A skin infection divide and conquer the school from section to section.
It’s about being a man being angry as you can real men don’t fall cuz
Forever we stand. If you disagree with me, I’m not holding peace. So you
Better run for help it’s no mercy. Trust me, I must be a threat cuz I’m
Looking down right now and your pants are wet, but I won’t stop not even
For emergencies or burglaries jeez dad look at what you’ve done to me.

(Chorus) Hate (2x) Trust (2x) Fake (2x) Disgust (2x) Loser (2x) Jerk (2x)
Scum (2x) of the earth (2x) Worthless (2x) to us (2x) leaving (2x) is a
Must (2x) nobody (2x) likes you (2x) turn into some dust (2x).

(Verse 2)
Inside the mind of a bully, I feel weak ashamed of myself I can’t hear
Myself speak. I reek and stink of my demonic ways I plateaued my peak, but
I’m lost in a daze. I see my victim in the hall and I looked at his feet
For some reason now I’m scared of him and what he might think of me. Maybe,
Cuz he’s staring me down like a mystery wait bad analogy. He’s holding a
Gun the only thing I wanna do is take off and run I’m only tough not dumb.
What a nightmare that I must say I was really scared I was dead or landed
In a wheel chair. What’s inside of me to make me write apologies to all my
Fellow peers now I’m hoping they won’t bother me. Picture 12 bodies laying
Dead all over the place because of me I’m a disgrace. I’m sorry for the
Victims hoping god is with them we all need to come together and fight the
System. It may feel like the end, but it will get better take time to think
Before you kill yourself with your sweater. Stand up to these bullies put
Them in their place never back down don’t let them get in your face. Stand
Up to these bullies put them in their place never back down don’t let them
Get in your face

(Chorus) Hate (2x) Trust (2x) Fake (2x) Disgust (2x) Loser (2x) Jerk (2x)
Scum (2x) of the earth (2x) Worthless (2x) to us (2x) leaving (2x) is a
Must (2x) nobody (2x) likes you (2x) turn into some dust (2x).

(Outro) Ryan Halligan – October 7, 2003 Jeffrey Johnston – June 29, 2005
Rachael Neblett – October 9, 2006 Megan Meier - October 17, 2006 Alexa
Berman - August 23, 2008 Jessie Logan – July 3, 2008 Hope Witsell –
September 12, 2009 Phoebe Prince – Jannuary 14, 2010 Alexis Pilkington –
March 22, 2010 Ashley Rogers – April 14, 2010 Tyler Clementi – September
22, 2010 Samantha Kelly – November 10, 2010

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