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Don Covay – I Was Checking Out While She Was Checking In lyrics

I just got finished given the hotel
Manager back the room key and paid my bill

I was outside in the car
In the shadows of the parkin' lot
Tellin' the woman I was with
How happy she made me
Kissin' and huggin'

An all of a sudden another car
Pulled up on the parkin' lot
But I couldn't believe my eyes
'Cause the woman that was sitting
In the front seat beside another dude
Turned out to be my old lady

Lord, I was checkin' out
And she was checkin' in
Yeah, yeah, yeah, (yeah)
(Oh yeah)
Oh, let me tell you people
I was checkin' out, um-hm
An my old lady was checkin' in
Oh Lord, have mercy!

I was with my other woman
And she, she was with her boyfriend
She waited outside ya'all, in the car
While he went in, yeah
To rent the room

I wanted to say something to her
But there was nothing I could say, yeah
'Cause the woman I was with
Yes, she was married too!

Lord, I was checkin' out
And she was checkin' in (checkin' in)
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh, yes she was
Ya'all, I saw another man took my old lady
(Oh took my baby)
Let me tell ya
In the Hideaway Motor Inn
(Motor Inn) yeah baby um-hm
Uum, I was with my other woman
(Oh, I was treated wrong, yeah)
And she was with her boyfriend

She was suppose to be at home
Mindin' the kids
The both of us had been untrue
(Been untrue)

Guess I'll have to go on
Bein' blind
I can't reveal her guilt
Without' showin' mine, Lord!

I was checkin' out
(Checkin out, sho' nuff was)
As she was checkin' in
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Hoo hey! Umm, let me tell ya
What hurt me so bad, ya'all
(Hurt me, really hurt me so bad)
Really hurt me so bad
(It hurt me)
The man gave him the same room I had
Yes, he did, yeah-yeah
The same room I was in (yeah)

Umm!, what a terrible blow it was
(Such a terrible, terrible, terrible thing it was)


What a terrible thing
To do to a man, yeah-yeah

She was smilin'
And she never smiles!

I think my debt has
Caught up with me ya'all

Lord, have mercy.


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