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Doc Jazz – Run For Your Life lyrics

Our revolution is never televised
The real solution is never advertised
Our dedication is always demonized
But justice will not be compromised
So Watch Out !!!

You better Run for Your Life
If you wanna destroy Palestine
You better Run for Your Life
If you demolish our Holy Shrine
You better Run for Your Life
If you scheme to take all that is mine
You better Run for Your Life
Run for Your Life, because you're totally out of line

If you only know taking, and you never heard of giving
If greed is your creed, and you give no rights to the living
If you got no intention to share, why expect me to care
If you rape the word 'peace', you'll see the release
Of the innocent's rage

If you say u are superior, don't expect me to fear ya
You will see what is real yeah, when I force you on your knees
If you insist to be racist, well let's see if you can face this
Cause we got nothing to lose, and the strength to defuse
All the wars you wage

Committing murder in impunity, while causing strife and disunity
But our honorable community, will yet prove its immunity
Against your hatred-infection, solution-rejection, racial selection, criminal perfection
Cause we got nothing to lose, and the will to refuse
All the schemes you stage

Some will say we are violent, but they're the same who are silent
When you brutally murder, and they hope you will go further
But don't they know the tide will turn, don't they know your flag will burn
It is our right to return, and you will learn to yearn
For justice in this age

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