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Dj Quik – Rhythm-Al-Ism (Intro) lyrics

Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, pimps playas & women of the night,
Welcome to the world of rhythm-al-ism.
Now since this is my intro, i'ma do somethin' a little crazy check it out.
We gon' show off a little bit now watch it, 'cause these ain't no studio

I glide smooth over any groove to prove that I can keep
On flowin' lyrics to the rhythm like a ride never tongue tied
Chillin' with the d K. K. Amg suga free hi-c el d in the
P-e-n-t-h-o-you-s-e you'll see a whole 'nother different
Other side of me 'cause this is only part of me I snap
My fingers twice and like a bird your bitch'll fly to me
Because she's overwhelmed you know I gets the round
When I kick it my name is quik & ask the chicken to
Let me stick it when she trick it my boys can hit the chicken
Roll deep like a navy seal got her squirmin' like a eel
To kiss her on the cheek is rather?? I rather rub my hand
Go way up in her skirt & make her scream so scream hoe up
If I trick another track it keep her coming back girls keep
Pubbin' it suckas steadily rubbin' it & i'ma keep rubbin' it in
Yo' face got it tight with the "-isms" hmph now welcome
To the world of the rhythm-al-ism!!!!!

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