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DJ Jazzy Jeff – Mystery Man lyrics

F/ The Last Emperor

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Bounce wit me y'all (Le)

Bounce wit em y'all

Now check it

Who get it live when the party dies down

Mysterious man showing up in your town

Lyrics like lightning, vocals like thunder

Neighborhood success or the overnight wonder

Uh, precise on mics but nice with the toe-to-toe

A roll big flow, shows out in Kosovo

Between flows and chasing them hoes

I make the crowd get down like its supposed to go

Get down year round glad to see y'all came

In the summertime banging at the b-ball came

In the wintertime kickin rhymes up at my block

With an L in one hand and a cup of hot chocolate

A man for all seasons damn I'm raw even

We set the bar high everybody start reaching, cause….


Who said I couldn't get it down like this

Some tried to get it but they got it like this

Put you in a mix, get your body the twist

Its the mystery man, that the fans can't resist

Six sold M-K-T playin the corner

Ice cold Colt 45, not Corona

Get down see me on the prowl now I'm gonna

Holla at this fine young girl named Sherona

See, morons stalk, I walk right up on her

And make her heart race like the Dodge Daytona

Tired of the neighborhood guys “hey hold up?

How's she get that good lovin feeling when I show up

Down and ride wit me, don't forget me when you blow up

How you gonna walk away from this, sis slow up

The head games is over ma I'm for real

Your ain't Oprah and I'm not Dr. Phil

Despite your size and them serious thighs

The long eyelashes and mysterious eyes

It don't pay to stay away from mysterious guys

That get the girls on the floor and keep the party alive, cause yo…..

Chorus (x2)

Now if I wanted I could pump it in every club this week

But I pass cause it only adds to my mystique

If ya think that I'm weak then catch me out in the street

It aint nothing to show me homie man we got this heat

That nigga that got all y'all waitin

To get off the wall and get the bar room shakin

I came to but the party under a rest

And if they like it in the hood, let it pump in the jets

Mystery man, never take my mask off

But when it comes to the raps I can act y'all

Non-stop flow that might flood the dance hall

Peace I'm out, be easy I get at y'all

(Dj Jazzy Jeff scratchin)

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