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Dj Hixxy – Power And The Glory lyrics

As I look around I can't believe what I'm seein
I look into the sky and see the
Mc mc'in
I'm lost for words as we continue to explore
This wicked hardcore music
Hypin up the dance floor
First I was a raver now I'm an entertainer
I found the fire burnin
As the rush in side gets stronger
Standin in the que in all the wind and the rain
With nobody to blame you wont hear me complain
Ravin 24-7 ravin 365
The vibe is alive and it fills me with pride
When I see what we've acheived since the good
Old dayz the perpertratin dallis man
This wasnt a phase
A limited edition no we aint sellin out
Check the wizkid and the storm
And you'll see theres no doubt
Throw your hands to the sky to the
Power and the glory
Hardcore till I die ya'll this is my story!

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